Ways to Choose an Orthodontist in Charlotte for quality Invisalign Treatment

At the South Charlotte Orthodontist, who is an Orthodontist in Charlotte NC, the team and doctors believe orthodontics are not just about fixing teeth, but also can help in enhancing the patient’s facial balance and entire image overall. Their goal is for every patient to enjoy their life, and not to be self-conscious about their image and smile. The patient’s treatments will help them to feel more confident and beautiful in order to take on life’s challenges.

At the Dual Image Orthodontics, comfort and health are the clinics highest priorities, and assure that the patient and their families are treated in a hygienic, clean and a friendly environment. Also, at the Orthodontist in Charlotte, the client will experience the luxuries of the clinic’s cutting edge technology that helps to provide a more efficient and convenient way of providing the patient with the smile they deserve. Charlotte Invisalign is located in the Steele Creek area in Charlotte, and is proud to serve in Rivergate, Ayrsley, Berewick, Pineville, Southpark and Fort Mill, as well as in surrounding areas.

On the client’s first visit to the office of Charlotte Invisalign, what a patient can expect from their first visit is that they will get acquainted with the procedure and process of the braces. The patient’s customized treatment options are probable treatment length, detail and associated cost. As for the initial consultation at the office is free, within this visit, a treatment will include x-rays on the patient’s teeth and diagnostic pictures. Throughout the patient’s treatments, the records will be used to be referenced throughout treatment and in order to monitor progress.

On the first visit, the treatment cost can widely vary, with cost depending on the case and the patient. And all of the treatment plans are customized with an associated cost that is customized to the individual patient and depends on the severity of their necessary treatment. Also, there are a variety of payment plans, which can include larger initial payment and lower monthly payments, discount for payment in-full at the start of treatment, and payments that can be paid during the treatment period.

There are several treatment options that are provided to patients, which can include types of braces, types of appliances and surgical orthodontics. The types of braces that are included are traditional braces, clear braces, Invisalign and incognito, which is a type of braces that are placed on the inside of the patient’s teeth. The types of appliances that are used in caring for the patient are elastics (rubber bands), expander, lingual arch, fixed retainer, forsus, herbst appliance, and facemask and TPA appliances. Also, offered at the Orthodontist in Charlotte, is surgical orthodontics, which includes a combination of oral surgery to correct jaw abnormalities and general treatment.

Surgical candidates are individuals that the growth in the jaw surgery can be performed; however it is common to correct the tooth position while the patient’s jaw is still growing. Both of the Dr. Lockhart have completed an additional year of surgical orthodontic trained, after their orthodontic residencies, with less than 5% in the orthodontist within the country. This extra training making them highly qualified in treating more severe and complex teeth and jaw discrepancies.

To know more about Orthodontist of Charlotte. Please visit Our Website: dualimageortho.com




Everyone Deserves An Amazing Smile

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Theodore Lewis

Theodore Lewis

Everyone Deserves An Amazing Smile

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